Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Simple Quadrant Conquest Revisited

I've had a few runs at the simple quadrant conquest, using just slightly
revised simple combat rules. The only change is that in single-player mode,
you have to roll 1-3 on a 1d6 to determine which side rolls first, thereby
giving an advantage. Just like the coin toss in football to see who receives
from the kick-off. Anyway, each time I lost the coin toss, and fell quickly
thereafter. I also decided that once my fleet was down to two ships, thereby
unable to build a shipyard or even assault a convoy, they should be able to
summon reinforcements. I rolled to see how long they'd have to wait for the
reinforcenents, and then a 50/50 shot of being assaulted while they waited.
Alas, my two ships didn't survive the wait. So with the new rules, it's a
tough game. But without the new rules, I think it was too easy. So I'll keep
at it.



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