Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stardate 1009.19 ChaHom System

While deep within the system's asteroid field, we detected a Romulan warbird warping into the system, escorting two of their construction ships. Rather than attacking and destroying them, which would present no challenge, I have decided to wait until they reveal their mission here.

Supplemental Entry:

An hour later, as the construction ships completed initial assembly of what seems to be a spacedock, second warbird appeared. I am not unmindful of the potential of danger a Romulan shipyard being established here. But there are reasons to hold off taking action. There are different kinds of shipyards, and seeing which is being built here will be the key to understanding their intentions. And, of course, destroying the shipyard once it has been built will cost the Romulan petaQ more in material and manpower.

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