Friday, February 19, 2010

"Fifty Points: Announcement" Stardate 0210.19

(Post TNG Era)

(Moderator's Note: Approximately 10 years following the events in Star Trek: Nemesis)

The Romulan Empire is in a dangerous state of disarray. Federation intelligence has no idea of the power structure behind the neutral zone, but Romulan Warbirds are once again out, and in force. Any positive feelings following the Shinzon incident seem to have vanished.

The Klingon Empire continues to attempt to establish a foothold in Romulan space with Remus under their protection. Federation curiosity in Klingon affairs have chilled relations between the Federation and the Empire, though outright hostilities have not broken out.

In the midst of this tension, all three powers have agreed that the so-called Triangle Zone, where the territory of all three powers meet in a nearly lawless and pirate-ridden zone, has gotten out of control. Independent cultures have moved in and agitated the powerful pirate powers, and a state of chaos now reigns. After diplomats from all three major powers failed to reach a peace-keeping solution, it was determined by Medusan Ambassador at Large Kallar that an Organian model, with modifications, was required to bring stability to the troubled region:

The area was divided into three zones, one for each power. Each power would be charged with bringing peace and prosperity to the region, bringing the pirate problem under control, and uniting at least two regions under a single treaty.

Aside from a single intial fleet, the powers are required to mine and refine sufficient material for their needs, as well as establishing an ongoing convoy route back to their home space.

Powers are prohibted from conspiring with each other to undermine the spirit of the agreement, and while diplomatic solutions and positive interaction with the local cultures are encouraged, efficiency and success are the only goals. Other methods more amenable to disparate cultures are not prohibited.

A neutral exit point from local space, as well as a neutral entrance to the Triangle Zone has been established. Any hostilities in these neutral areas are prohibited, and will constitute immediate victory for the injured party. Any other areas, including the designated corridor leading to the zone are considered open space, and subject to possible attack.

The map, as well as more detailed rules will be provided.

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