Saturday, March 20, 2010

KristaK Fleet Adventures: Reunion

Kapact grinned, and felt the tension slip from him in a massive wave. "Your 'new assignment' makes me think of the old days, brother. When we openly hunted the humans. Now that we have withdrawn from the Khitomer Accords, we may have the chance to relive some of those." Kapact saw that Sompek was using his new IKS Etlh to destroy the Tholians. "My brother, we must meet immediately. There is much to discuss."

Kapact had been on the homeworld, where the High Council was involved with all senior Klingon military leadership in secret emergency sessions. Now he sat in the Ab'Qaff's massive dining hall. It was, for the moment, closed to all personnel but Kapact and his XO, Commander QasQa, and Krom. Even Captain Sompek, and the captains of the heavy cruisers DuranQo and the Qap'kuS, and the frigates Torlek and Dax were excluded. This meeting was of the highest possible classification.

It was so secret, in fact, that Krom didn't even beam into the Ab'Qaff's transporter room. He materialized directly in the dining hall. "Brother!" Krom said jubilantly.

Kapact stood and embraced Krom. "It is good to see you, Krom. Here, take some bregit lung and rokeg blood pie. And of course, fresh blood wine!" While Krom was filling several plates with fresh Klingon food, Kapact presented more. "Heart of targ, freshly killed. And gagh." Kapact filled his plates, and saw that QasQa did the same. The three of them ate in silence for a time, falling on the food and drink as if they'd been starving. Then at last, Kapact pushed himself away from the table and belched thunderously. He laughed, and addressed Krom. "This is but the first of many battles, and the first of many celebrations. " He eyed QasQa briefly, enjoying the gleam of battle-lust in her eyes. "It is war. War!"

"With the Federation?" Krom emptied a tankard of bloodwine and slammed it on the table.

"Not just the Federation. The Romulans and Tholians are crossing the borders, striking at our frontier outposts, disrupting our convoys." It was, Kapact knew, possibly disastrous. As much as the idea appealed to him, not even the Empire could afford a war on four fronts. "But those are skirmishes. Even the conflict with the Federation has not fully erupted. That is not what is so secret that I must keep it from my crew."

"Then what is it?" Krom asked.

"The Council is letting politics guide their actions. They seek to reestablish peace talks with the Federation, while the Emperor seeks war. There is discord in the First City."

"Discord," QasQa snorted angrily. "Bah! It is the start of a civil war." She dipped her tankard in the huge vat of bloodwine, and raised it in salute. "To the death of the traitors of Kling!"

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