Friday, March 12, 2010

Stardate 0310.12 Kri'staK Sector wej'Hom System IKS AbQaff Battle Group Planet Seven

The seventh planet in this system revealed that despite a lack of sensor evidence, the Romulans have been in this system, and may still have a strong presence in the sector. Upon achieving orbit, we conducted an intensive scan of the water-covered world. We discovered a device buried in ice near the northern polar region that was incongruous with the apparent lack of technological development on the planet. The device was generating graviton waves sufficient to prevent forming a warp field anywhere near the planet. Further investigation, conducted by excavating the area with disruptor banks, revealed an unmistakably Romulan power signature. We were attempting to discern its purpose when it imploded. The effect continued to grow in intensity until the planet completely broke up under immense pressure. Fortunately, the Ab'Qaff moved away at full impulse before it was endangered.

There is no question that the Romulans have designs on the system. The Ab'Qaff's science officer suggested that the Romulans could have been using the device to construct artificial singularities, presumably to power more ships, just as we use matter and antimatter. Were the artificial singularities intended for ships produced by the shipyard we destroyed? I don't think so.

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