Friday, May 14, 2010

Captain's Log Challenge 0510.14 "... do it the old fashioned way..."

" it the old fashioned way..."
(Pre-ENT Era)

Personal Log Jonathon Archer

Dad died ten years ago today, without seeing his engine fly. Despite what everyone says about honoring his legacy by making Enterprise a success, despite all of the dangers and detractors, I can't get past the fact that Dad will never see it happen. Trip tells me that Dad will be there with me. No, he won't. And I have to wonder if we had stayed on the course set by Dr Cochrane, would we already be at warp five? Would it have been better to do it the old fashioned way of building on our successes and failures, rather than following the guidance of Vulcan committees? Would we have gotten here faster? I went through hell getting Enterprise into spacedock, after it had been cancelled and condemned not once but twice, and there are still people who say that I didn't deserve her, that I didn't earn the center seat, that I only got it because of who my Dad is. Maybe I should be worried about not blowing it. Maybe we need to prove that we can move out of the Vulcans' shadow and start to risk a little. Maybe I need to worry about my own legacy. But for now- for today, I just wish that Dad could look into the night sky over San Francisco and see Enterprise finally being built.

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