Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fantasy Trek. Gaming: Step by step Medium Combat

I've decided to play this out day by day, explaining each step. I'm doing this in a word document and pasting into myf email. So we'll hope the formatting holds. My apologies if it doesn't.
Here is step one, with explanations:
Here is my crew with allocated and awarded points:
Capt Farrell: 7
Science Cmdr Wells: 3
Engineer Cmdr Radou: 4
Tactical Lt Hassan: 4
Here is my ship and opponent:
USS Exeter (CA) 30 boarding parties vs AI (CA) 30 boarding parties
Here's the map. I determined the opening placement by rolling 2d6 for each. Ship X starts top left, ship Y starts bottom left. Ship X rolled 3 and 3, so started at 3,c. Ship Y rolled 2 and 1, so started at 10,l
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
f __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/___/___/
i __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/___/___/
j __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/___/___/
l __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/_y_/___/
Next I rolled 1d4 to get initial course heading. 1 would equal 90 degrees, 2 equals 180, 3 equals 270, and 4 equals 000. Both of my ships rolled 2, so start with a course heading 180.
X=180 Y=180
Then I rolled the first point roll. X got 2, Y got 3. But since my captain has 7 experience points, I add 1 to my roll.
X=3 Y=3
So we start off with the following points. Tomorrow we'll act on that.

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