Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Medium Combat Results

I've completed a round of medium combat with some rather experimental rules or systems. I put my heavy cruiser against what I assume to be a command cruiser. A little bigger, a bit harder to take down. I actually didn't give it more of a weaoon punch, so as to keep the rules simpler. But it went very well, lots of hit and run away, takings advantage of good rolls, and evading when necessary.I can't really show the results, because I didn't record every move (that would suck the fun outof the game real fast), but it is simple to play and had a good feel to it and seemed well-balanced. Basically what I did was bump up the other ship's defenses by 10 points in each category. That meant that my ship was forced to hit hard when possible and run away when necessary. The only thing is that there is no AI. The single player game is essentially you playing both sides. It sure worked for me though. Once I've posted a good how-teo guide I'll go into more detail. Next I need to sort out hit and run boarding party action and capturing.



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