Thursday, July 12, 2012

First "'etlh" Heavy Assault Cruiser Combat Trial

Fantasy Trek Gaming News: The first combat trial of the Post TNG Era Klingon "'etlh" Class Heavy Assault Cruiser is complete. I put it against a Modified  The ship seems balanced, the microtorpedo works fine, though it lost the slugfest.  The trick, as with most Klingon ships, is to stay out of close range until the capacitor is ready  to fire a full volly of microtorps and disruptors. Then close, attack, then pull away. The only problem with that kind of slashing attack is that the opponent rarely cooperates. And Federation Heavy Cruisers with fully armed photons and phasers can do a devastating twenty points damage at point blank range. They are a tough opponent. Next I may put it against a Tholian. In any case, the system seems balanced. It just remains to be seen if the 'etlh can hold its own in combat.

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