Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fantasy Trek Mixed Mode: "Sompek: The Heart of Treason" Chapter One

(The following is the first mix of Fantasy Trek Gaming and Storytelling. The first mission of Captain Sompek, son of Kapact and the 'etlh will culminate in combat that I've played out using the Fantasy Trek combat system. The result of that combat will help to determine the course that the next story will take)

Stepping onto the bridge of the 'etlh was a moment that would stay in Sompek's memory for the rest of his life. To be sure, seeing the ship... his ship held within the Kur'ya shipyard was awe-inspiring, and his entry through the dorsal airlock was breathtaking. His first real command. But he had seen the ship in spacedock before. He had even spent time in the engine room and the dorsal torpedo chamber, helping to get systems online. But the bridge module was a different story. For one thing, the original bridge had been destroyed in the battle to take the ship from the Tholians, so this new bridge had not launched into battle. But more importantly, the bridge... this bridge... was his. It belonged to no other. The walls would be painted with the blood of his foes. It's record of battle would be written by him.

Sompek had been on other bridges before, from the utilitarian bridges of the D7 battlecruiser to his father's Ab'Qaff. The 'etlh was closer to the classic look of the D7, except that it seemed larger and darker. The command seat was isolated in the center of the main, lower deck that showed red-tinged light coming up from under a lattice of reinforcing duranium girders. Behind the command deck and slightly elevated, the helm and tactical stations shared a single console, while to the right and left 3-D monitors displayed tactical information. Framing the command deck were four support beams that stretched from floor to ceiling. This was the bridge of a modern fighting ship, and Sompek felt privileged to be in command of it.

He walked around the bridge, examining every station before moving to the command deck. His female executive officer had followed him and stood to his right as he examined the displays built into the command chair. "Commander Kell, report status of ship."

"All systems ready for flight operations. All Section Heads reporting in. All tactical systems battle-ready."

"Good." He moved towards the viewscreen that dominated the forward bulkhead. "Address intercraft."

"Intercraft is open," she answered immediately.

Sompek looked to each officer on the bridge, at each station. Finally his gaze settled on Kell. She looked young and tense. "Crew of the 'etlh," he said. "This ship has already been in battle. It has seen the death of more than a thousand Tholian monsters, and hundreds of our fellow Klingon warriors. Its decks were coated in the blood of enemies and comrades before it was assigned its first mission. Like every sword weilded by our people, it has been forged in elemental fire. And like every Klingon sword, it thirsts for the blood of its enemies."

Then he recalled the words of his ancestor, the Emperor Sompek. "The heart of treason lies safe and secure, within our walls. It has eaten our food, drank our wine and now enjoys the protection of our House. Let it rest, steadily beating in comfort, for with our launch into the night its end draws near." Then he looked straight at Qorek at the helm station. "Set course the N'Qel system. Engage at warp eight." As he narrowed his eyes and turned to face the main viewscreen, he continued speaking to the crew. "Crew, we sail to confront an abomination in the N'Qel system. A mutinous Klingon crew. We sail for blood!"

To Be Continued...

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