Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fantasy Trek Story Mode: "Rogue Elements"

"Sit down," Martok grumbled.

Kapact looked around the small office and resisted the urge stand in the face of the Chancellor's tone. It would show more petulence than dignity, and Kapact, who prided himself on being a good soldier, would not show petulence to his Chancellor. "What happened?"

"A Federation robot tug was destroyed by pirates as it passed through Donatu," Martok said.

"So?" Kapact smiled without thinking.

Martok laughed mirthlessly. "What's wrong with you? We are at peace with them. They are our allies. You are not supposed find amusement in their destruction."

"Why are we concerned that an unmanned Federation ship was destroyed by pirates?"

"Tell me, son of Ab'Qaff, about Ha'Toria. Not the system, but the man."

The smile vanished from Kapact's face. "The Emperor Ha'toria. Ha'Toria the Mad, who tried to clone himself with magicians and sorcerers centuries ago so that he could rule the Empire for all eternity."

"Your ancestor." Martok's were a knife thrust. Angry and accusing.

"More than seven generations past. His sins do not weigh on me."

"He cost your line the throne," Martok said.

"Yes, he did. What of it?" Kapact asked angrily.

"Because someone calling himself Ha'toria sent a message to Starbase 27 claiming credit for the kill and threatening more if the Federation does not immediately withdraw from the Donatu sector." Martok was obviously furious and struggling to keep outwardly calm. "In the interests of diplomacy, the Federation has agreed to keep the information quiet on the condition that we eliminate this threat."

"Whoever this veq is, he cannot be Ha'Toria. That petaQ died centuries ago."

"I don't care who he is," Martok answered darkly. "Find him and kill him."

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