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Fantasy Trek Basic Ship to Ship Combat Template

Fantasy Trek Ship to Ship Basic Combat Rules:

You start at speed 2.  A standard heavy cruiser can store as much as 10 points in its capacitors, so they can allocate power to reinforce vulnerable shields to give full power to weapons when they need it. Standard Heavy Cruiser has a turn rate of 4, meaning that 4 movement points are used to turn 180 degrees, or 45 degrees per movement turn. Here is the sequence of play. 

1) Move/turn based on speed and player discretion.
2) Roll 1d6 for points. Allocate for-
-systems and/or shield repair
-shield reinforcement
-increase speed (decreasing speed is free)
3) Apply points allocated to attack or capacitors
4) Determine any damage and update systems status.
5) Apply any points allocated to repair or reinforcement

C __/__/__/_x/__/__/__/__/__/
I __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/

X=   Y=4
X=6   Y=6

X=135 Y=315
X= _____ Y=_____

----X---- Y
F /15   /15
A /15   /15
P /15  /15
S /15  /15

---------------------------X ------Y
2 Shld Gen ------------/15--- /15
3 Transporters -------/15--- /15
4  Pha/Dis -------------/15--- /15
5  Bridge --------------/15--- /15
6  Photons -------------/15--- /15
7  Aux Control --------/15--- /15
8  Sensors -------------/15--- /15
9  Computer ----------/15--- /15
10 Impulse ------------/15--- /15
11 Aux Computer ----/15--- /15
12 Warp ----------- ---/40---- /40 

Weapons Rules

Standard Phasers-
-Two Emitters (shots) per ship per turn
-Max Range Five

1d6 range = damage

Photon Torpedoes-
-Two Emitters (shots) per ship per turn
-Max Range Five
-Each takes 2 points to fire and does 5 points damage.

1d6 range = 'to-hit"
5= 6
4= 4-6
3= 2-6
2= always hits
1= always hits

Standatd Disruptors-
-Two Emitters (shots) per ship per turn
- Each takes 2 points to fire

-Max Range Six
1d6 range = damage (1d6)'to-hit:)
6=1 (always hits)
5=2  (5-6)
4=3  (5-6)
3=4  (3-6)
2=5  (2-6)
1=6  (2-6)

Movement rules
Move one space or turn (based on rules stated above) for each 'point' of speed. For example, a speed of 2 moves 2 spaces. Reversing course follows the same rules as changing speed. It tskes place at the same time as changes in speed. Reversing course requires points equal to the player's current speed, plus the desired reverse speed. For example, if you are moving at speed 2 and want to execute a speed of -(negative) 2, the maneuver will take 4 points.

Repair/Reinforce Rules
Two rolled points are required to repair a system/shield by 1 point or to reinforce a shield facing.

Advanced Targeting 
You can target a specific system if you fire through a downed shield. The cost for this is that the damage done is reduced by half.

Effect of Damage on Systems
All systems function normally until they are destroyed. "/15" shows that once a system sustains 15 points of damage it is considered offline. Unless a system has been destroyed by boarding parties (to be outlined in future rules), it can be repaired. Until then, it is offline and can't be used (but remember, a system only needs 1 point to be fully functional). Some systems are critical and can cause you to lose the engagement:

Impulse- You can't move until it is repaired

Sensors- You fire blind. Any firing at any range requires a 1d6 roll of 1 to hit. You must reacquire target each time until sensors are restored.

Shield Generator-Drops all shields. Repairing this will restore previous shield status.

Warp-This is the warp core. When it takes all damage points your ship blows up.

Bridge/Aux Bridge and Computer/Aux Computer- You can lose either the primary or the auxiliary system and not lose the ability to fight. But if you lose both primary and auxiliary systems (for bridge or computer), your ship is dead in space and you lose the engagement.

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