Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fantasy Trek Ship to Ship Demo Turn Two

1) Move/turn based on speed and player discretion.-
X= Klingon Battlecruiser moves 2 points on course 135 from 2,A to 4,C
Y= Federation Heavy Cruiser moves 2 pounts on course 315 from 8,H to 6,F

2) Roll 1d6 for points-
X rolled a 4, Y rolled a 2.
Allocate for-
-increase speed (decreasing speed is free)-

3) Allocated and apply points to attack or capacitors-
X= Klingon Battlecruiser applies 2 points to capacitor.
Y= Federation Heavy Cruiser applies 2 points to capacitor

4) Determine any damage and update systems status- n/a

5) Apply any points allocated to repair or reinforcement-
Klingon Battlecruiser reinforces starboard shield by 1 point.

C __/__/__/_x/__/__/__/__/__/
I __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/

X=   Y=

X=8 Y=4

X=135 Y=315

X= __2__ Y=__2__

----X---- Y
F /15   /15
A /15   /15
P /16  /15
S /15  /15

---------------------------X ------Y
2 Shld Gen ------------/15--- /15
3 Transporters -------/15--- /15
4  Pha/Dis -------------/15--- /15
5  Bridge --------------/15--- /15
6  Photons -------------/15--- /15
7  Aux Control --------/15--- /15
8  Sensors -------------/15--- /15
9  Computer ----------/15--- /15
10 Impulse ------------/15--- /15
11 Aux Computer ----/15--- /15
12 Warp --------------/40---- /40 

The second turn is complete. Both ships moved diagonally towards each other. The Klingon now has enough energy stored for its first volley of photons and disruptors, and reinforced the shield most likely to take fire from the Federation ship. The Federation ship needs 2 more points to be ready for that volley. The next turn will involve the first exchange of fire.

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