Sunday, June 29, 2008

Activity Summary (TOS Map)

(Moderator's Note: This is a  bit of an experiment. Kind of a summary that would be posted of player as well as NPC activity. It might also contain foreshadowing of map-wide events to come. Feel free to pose questions or comments as always.)

Major activity

United Federation of Planets

USS Agamemnon (CA): Depart Earth on training cruise.
USS Enterprise (CA): Two days distant from Alpha Carinai Six on general survey mission.
USS Entebbe (FF): Lost contact while patrolling Triangle Zone.
USS Repulse (LC): Reports unidentified raider craft shadowing dilithium convoy under its protection in Archer sector.
Deep space sensor bouy in sector 7G goes silent. Investigation to be assigned.

Klingon Empire

IKS Groth (CA): Joined To'retlh Fleet at Aknar sector on undisclosed patrol.
BortaS Assault Fleet (various): Begin planetary assault in GaQ'ta system.
Assassination of military governor in Ko'vatlh system by insurgents.
Shipyard Qaw'lI produces first C7 Heavy Battlecruiser in Ha'Toria sector.

Romulan Star Empire

RIS Praex (CA): Destroyed marauder ship in D'deridex system.
Automated convoy departs Telara sector for inner worlds
Starbase Eyre (Ravelt'el system): Reports Klingon activity at edge of secor. Requests reinforcements assigned from Janatru Fleetyards
Ambassador Velara lost in destruction of RIS Bloodied Talon (CA) in Metra nebula.

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