Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project Lighthouse

To all Starship Commanders:
The artificial one-way wormhole in the Durandal system is now clear of the ion storm that has blanketed the system for several weeks. Rather than simply close the wormhole and abandon hope for a quick return for USS Voyager, as well as closing the door on almost unlimited exploration, Project Lighthouse will oversee the efforts to complete repairs to the Durandal wormhole as well as oversee exploration of the Delta Quadrant. The Fifth Fleet will remain on station while Starbase Lighthouse is constructed as a support facility for the wormhole. At the same time, the recently returned USS Guadalcanal will spearhead our initial exploration.
USS Voyager, if you are receiving this, you may, of course, use your discretion regarding interaction with ships involved in Project Lighthouse.

Admiral Nogulich
Project Commander
Project Lighthouse

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