Thursday, July 31, 2008

Initial Ground Combat Tables

"a" through "e" represent the members of the friendly away team. "a1" through "e1" represent the corresponding members of the enemy away team. Each team rolls a single six sided die per team member.

a)3  a1)3 winner:tie
b)2  b1)5 winner:b1
c)4  c1)1 winner:c
d)5  d1)2 winner:d
e)5  e1)6 winner:e1

a)6   a1)3 winner:a
c)1   b1)3 winner:b1
d)4   e1)6 winner:e1

a)3   b1)5 winner:b1

This is obviously a case for people wanting to engage in combat, and they would include these die roll results in their post. Players involved in a similar mission not wanting to engage in combat can simply write their own combat resolution as they see fit. One detail that I haven't worked out is modifiers for qualified personnel, like security specialists or command level officers. That will come soon.

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