Thursday, July 31, 2008

Captain's Personal Log USS Guadalcanal Stardate 0708.31

Stardate 0708.31
USS Guadalcanal
Captain Murphy
In orbit of Jibalia III

Away team personnel:
Captain Mike Murphy
Science Officer Commander T'Par
Senior Helm Officer Lt Gallo
Chief Geologist Lt Cmdr Carstairs
Security Specialist Seward

The last twenty-four hours have been unforgettable. As soon as the Klingons appeared on the surface of Jibalia III, they opened fire on the landing party. We immediately dropped to the ground, but with almost no covering terrain, and bulky environmental suits to move in, we were hard pressed to match the Klingons' offensive. We managed to return fire and held our own for a short time, but eventually were overcome. I remember distinctly watching the other members of the away team fall under enemy fire, and finally, I felt a strange tingling sensation as my environmental suit was compromised, and the disruptor hit my skin. Then I woke up on board the Guadalcanal, along with the others, completely unharmed.

At the same instant that the Klingons appeared on the surface, a Vorcha' Class heavy cruiser appeared in orbit and opened fire. The Guadalcanal attempted to make contact even as they defended themselves. The Klingon ship did not respond to hails. After a short exchange of weapons, the Klingon shields collapsed, and the ship was destroyed. It was at that point that the landing party reappeared on the ship.

Logs and sensor readings show that no damage was ever inflicted on the ship or the landing party. Moreover, there is no evidence that any of our phasers were ever fired. Essentially, there is no evidence that the Klingons were ever there, or that combat ever took place. There is one intriguing footnote to this mystery. The hole that we managed to drill in the metal alloy shell of the planet is still there. The thought of scanning through there is tempting. T'Par, however, has suggested that the appearance of the apparently imaginary Klingons could represent a kind of burglar alarm, and any race capable of creating such powerful illusions (much like the Talosians) is best left alone. That makes obvious sense, but I also think that we would be setting a very dangerous precedent for the Federation's involvement in the Delta Quadrant (and we are commiting ourselves to that more and more every day) by hanging a 'do not disturb' sign on the first planet we investigate. If there is a race as powerful as the Talosians here, we learn everything we can about them, and quickly.

(Moderator's note: I've used this incident to do a quick test of simple ground combat rules that I'll show in a separate post)

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