Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Experience Points: How To Get Them and What To Do With Them

I'm giving Captain Murphy just five posts to encounter and solve the mystery. No specific guidelines as to length. At least a hundred words. The payoff, aside from a good story, is one experience point. So what does one experience get you? Nothing right off. But five of them give that ship and crew an 'experienced' rating. That does a few things.. When a ship goes into combat, the advantage goes like this: in advanced combat, it gives you five opportunities to turn faster, repair a system quicker, apply extra sensor power to detect a cloaked ship, etc. In basic combat, it gives you five extra shield points. That reflects a crew that is better at what it does because of the experience. What does it do for a ship that doesn't go into combat? Good question. I'd appreciate any input. I'm thinking about access to experimental ships, clearance to operate more challenging arenas. Things like that. But I'd really like to hear from people who aren't inclined to go into combat. How would you want to benefit from experience points? I'll think on that, and anybody reading this, please feel free to comment. On the subject of experience and experience points, I think that ten experience points gives you 'veteran' status. Twenty-five gives you 'elite' status, and fifty gives you 'legendary' status. Rewards obviously go up accordingly. But remember, it takes five individual missions of at least five posts just to make 'experienced'. And in the meantime, I'm not counting the adventures of the Guadalcanal that took place prior to its entry into the Delta Quadrant. Just because.

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