Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sample of Completed Quick Start Guide

To get started, answer the following questions:

Game Type: Mix
Alignment: Federation
Ship name USS Guadalcanal NCC 55726

Command crew
Captain Mike Murphy (Human male)
First Officer Commander Lukara (Klingon female)
Science Officer Commander T'Par (Vulcan female)
Communications Officer Commander Mark Valoran (Human male)
Tactical Officer Lieutenant Klaw (Andorian female)
Helm Officer Lieutenant Allesandro Gallo (Human male)
Chief Engineer Commander Robert Oldman (Human male)
Chief Medical Officer Commander Susan Whittaker (Human female)
Chief of Security Lieutenant T'Char (Skorr female)

The next step would be an assigned mission. In this case, the Guadalcanal was assigned to travel through the Durandal wormhole to begin operations and exploration in the Delta Quadrant, and to establish communications with USS Voyager. (In this case, things  didn't go as planned. Refer to Captain Murphy's log Stardate 0708.16 for details.)

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