Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Site Maintenance

I've retooled the links on the blogsite .... they're updated and pretty :)
General Kapact, Epetai Abukoff
VodleH Class Heavy Battlecruiser, Black Fleet Variant
"...laughing, undefeated..."
Beslan BortaS
betleH pIn'a'
Ro DoQ Vaj
Founder, Klingon Order of Scribes
Klingon Black Fleet

Ballad of House Abukoff:
Yet if my line should die,
it dies with its teeth in the enemy's throat,
it dies with its name on the enemy's tongue.
For just as mere life is not victory,
mere death is not defeat;
And in the next world I shall kill the foe a thousand times,
(from John Ford's "The Final Reflection")

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