Friday, June 19, 2009

Simple Combat Updates

In the Simple Quadrant Conquest, the Klingons built a shipyard in System One and was waiting while a replacement battlecruiser was being built. Just before the replacement for Klingon ship K2 launched, a fleet of four Federation starships showed up. They were destroyed, but they took the shipyard and the ship were destroyed. The Klingons took a chance, heading for open space, hoping for a convoy. New balanced rules state that 1) a shipyard can build replacement ships in three turns, and 2) for every enemy convoys destroyed, the potential size of enemy fleets decreases by one. One Klingon ship was lost, but a convoy and its two escorts were destroyed. So now the largest fleet the Feds can field is five. The thing is, it takes three ships to build a shipyard, and that's all the Klingons have. If they lose anymore, they're probably sunk. Unless they can take out three more convoys to even the odds.
And now that I'm pretty satisfied with this format, I'm going to use it on a large map. I've drawn it up on an Excel document, and I'll figure out the rules soon. Basically it's Klingons vs Feds, a large block of unclaimed territory, and a hard-to-get goal. Losses of convoys cost you the ability to field fleets, which limits your ability to project power. Line of sight is still required once you pass out of frendly territory. I'll keep you posted.


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