Sunday, April 18, 2010

Captain's Log Challenge 0109.04 "This is the first time that such a weapon had been used by such a ship."

(TOS era)
"Warship Log. IKS Goltlh'. Captain K'vak recording. I am recording this message in the hope of relaying vital intelligence to the Empire. Our assault on the new Excelsior Class heavy battlecruiser has ended disastrously. I can only hope that our honorable combat will earn us berths on a ship in the Black Fleet. We crossed over into a poorly defended section of the Federation border in order to test reports that the hated, interfering Organians have truly disappeared, and approached the massive ship under cloak. We followed standard procedures and made our first attack at point blank range. The monster's shields turned away our first volley, and we withdrew at maximum speed. Phaser fire and photon torpedoes almost disabled us, but I chose to make another pass at the Excelsior before considering withdrawing. Before we could recloak at a safe range, however, the heavy battlecruiser launched a plasma torpedo that smashed through our shields and began to buckle our hull. Before they went out, our sensors determined that the torpedo originated from Gorn technology. This is the first time that such a weapon had been used by such a ship, and hints at an alliance between the reptiles and the Federation. If this is true, we face a grave threat. I can only hope that this warning reaches Imperial Intelligence in time to do some good. Our ship is losing hull integrity, and I have just seconds to send this transmission. Repeating. Warship Log. IKS Goltlh'. Captain K'vak recording. I am--"

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