Sunday, April 18, 2010

Captain's Log Challenge 0109.14 "We're hoping the log will provide some answers"

(ENT era)
"Captain's Starlog. October Fifth, 2166. Challenger, NX-07. Captain Sam Carpenter in command. While investigating an uncharted planet in the Hekaras system, we were surprised to discover a planet that presented us with a series of inexplicable mysteries. Upon achieving orbit, we noted the planet's strong resemblance to the planet Venus, including a high surface temperarure due to greenhouse effect; water existing only as vapor, and an extremely dense atmosphere, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide and sulfides. That wasn't too surprising, considering its proximity to the local sun. But we received an automated signal using Morse code. This warranted suiting up in environmental suits and investigating in a shuttlepod. Upon landing on the planet, we found circumstances that quite frankly didn't match what we detected from orbit.

Surface scans showed an abundance of water and terrestrial plant and animal life, as well as perfectly breathable air. Further investigation, including a high-altitude fly-over revealed a pattern of continents exactly matching those on Earth. None of us recall any such dramatic change during the descent to the surface, and the shuttlepod's sensor logs seem to be unreadable.

A scan of the pollution content in the atmosphere, as well as an examination of star positions after nightfall seemed to indicate that we were on Earth in our present time, despite the absence of any humanoid habitation or technology. We found no evidence of artificial satellites or lunar colonies that should be abundant. For all intents and purposes, we were alone, on Earth on the date October Fifth, 2166, while Challenger remained in orbit still scanning a planet much like Venus, along with the lifesigns of everyone in the landing party. As for the source of the Morse Code signal, we found no device capable of sending such a signal, nor evidence that it had ever been there. The only anomalous reading was what my science officer tells me is a chroniton signature. Time travel. In any case, we returned to Challenger, leaving behind what still appears to be a planet indistinguishable from Venus, with an automated Morse Code signal still transmitting. The sensor log from the shuttle has been uploaded to the main computer for analysis. We're hoping the log will provide some answers.

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