Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fifty Points Stardate 0410.06 Norway Class (FDD) USS Gallipoli Investigating distress signal from Federation civilian yacht

Norway Class (FDD) USS Gallipoli
Captain Norgay

While the fleet is overseeing the building of a shipyard at planet designated Blue 17, we've been ordered to investigate a Federation distress signal received by a Klingon fleet. We arrived at the exit from the transit corridor, where the signal was supposed to have originated from, and found scattered debris primarily composed of civilian-grade duranium. While there was no black box to recover, analysis did show hull stress consistent with plasma torpedoes and force fields. There were also subspace stress readings, indicating that the yacht had been dragged while resisting with full impulse running in the opposite direction. The evidence might point to Romulans, but there are also so many pirates out here with so many disparate weapons systems, it's dangerous to make any assumptions. We're attempting to scan for warp or impulse trails to backtrack the assailents.

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