Monday, January 10, 2011

Stardate 0111.11 USS Remillard Captain Bindi McKinnon

I was convinced that there was no way this mission could become more complicated, but it may have found a way. Three days from the Tholian border, the Matalava and the Port Moresby, taking point in our formation, picked up debris along our course that read as Klingon. Based on scans and the dispersal pattern, a medium-sized Klingon ship disintegrated at near warp speed. Unfortunately, subspace interference generated by the destruction of the Klingon ship is hampering communications. Until we can get a signal through to Starfleet I've ordered the fleet to slow to full impulse and warned all ship captains to prepare for a change of plans. I have a gut feeling the powers that be are going to want this investigated. So all we have to worry about are angry Klingons and impatient Tholians. Walk in the park, Starfleet style.

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