Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Three Way" Turn Seven: Border Shipyards Complete. Fleet Movement

"Three-Way" Campaign continues with the following moves (Google Docs links have not been updated)::

Federation Fleet One Tiberius Fleet (FTF) Move to C,12
Federation Fleet Two Constitution II Fleet (FCF) Move to H,12
Federation Fleet Three Intrepid Fleet (FIF) Move to K,11

Klingon Fleet One Etlh Fleet (KEF) Move to d,15
Klingon Fleet Two Klingon Black Fleet (KBF) Move to H,16
Klingon Fleet Three Kolikos Fleet (KLKF) Move to K,16

Romulan Fleet One D'Shoanna Fleet (RDSF) Move to AO,11
Romulan Fleet Two Nightwing Fleet (RNF) Move to AP,13
Romulan Fleet Three Donatra Fleet (RDF) Move to AQ,18

I've decided that shipyards can't build a fleet until a CA has traveled to another system to harvest resources and returned to the shipyard. Each additional fleet built requires an additional shipment. The nine shipyards will begin construction of new fleets as soon as they are able.

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