Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Three Way" Turn Four: Border Shipyard Construction

Stardate 0110.04

Turn Four has all nine shipyards complete. The Fleets will then start to move out to complete objectives. There may be some clarification of rules soon.

Federation Fleet One Tiberius Fleet (FTF) Construct FSY1 3/3: d,13
Federation Fleet Two Constitution II Fleet (FCF) Construct FSY2 3/3: i,13
Federation Fleet Three Intrepid Fleet (FIF) Construct FSY3 3/3: l,13

Klingon Fleet One Etlh Fleet (KEF) Construct KSY1 3/3: e,16
Klingon Fleet Two Klingon Black Fleet (KBF) Construct KSY2 3/3: j,17
Klingon Fleet Three Kolikos Fleet (KLKF) Construct KSY3 3/3: g,17

Romulan Fleet One D'Shoanna Fleet (RDSF) Construct RSY1 3/3: an,11
Romulan Fleet Two Nightwing Fleet (RNF) Construct RSY2 3/3: ao,13
Romulan Fleet Three Donatra Fleet (RDF) Construct RSY3 3/3: ap,19

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