Thursday, February 10, 2011

Casual Combat Update: Head to Head Sector Assault

As I get ready to run a Head to Head Sector Assault with casual combat rules, I've spent a few days playtesting casual fleet combat, and found that it has its own quirks. Essentially, allowed to run to conclusion, casual combat tends to end in blood baths that preclude the building of shipyards. So it kind of necessitates the concept of withdrawing from a losing battle and living to fight another day. That complicates things, believe it or not, because you could end up having random fleets withdrawing and surviving. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I never anticipated that when I created the Sector Assault. Otherwise it might simply be a rule that random fleets fight to the death. I'm getting a good sense of the difficulty faced by game programmers when trying to maintain balance after a change has been introduced. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the casual fleet combat, and I've run three assaults against shipyards. So the basic mechanics work. Running through a simple, no space terrain Head to Head Sector Assault with the casual rules and adapting as I go should work out the bugs.

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