Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update: Casual Head to Head Sector Assault

The first ten rounds of the casual head to head sector assault have taught me that we still have a serious balance issue. Heavy Cruisers (CA's) have a defense rating of 20, which works fine, and a Shipyard has a defense rating of 80, which also works fine.... almost. I gave the Feds an economic advantage, allowing them to finish construction in two turns what it takes Klingons three. At the same time, the Klingons always have a 50% chance of calling in reinforcements if they're losing a battle. Again, no problem. The Feds have always been stronger economically, and the Klingons have always had wolfpacks out roaming around. But the shipyard is too easy to take down by persistant attacks. So I'm going to tweak the casual rules a bit and start over. It used to be that every ship rolled a die (1d6), designated a target, and got shot up itself. Ships of equal grade balance fine doing that, but the shipyard needs additional firepower to be a credible threat, so I'll try giving it two dice rolls (2d6) to use on offense. And rather than have any damage sustained require repair time, we'll say that 6 points out of 20 damage (roughly a third) count as shield damage. And make it 24 out of 80 for the shipyard. More and more to keep track of during a 'casual' game, but important for balance. We'll just see how it goes. And in case you're wondering what a "Head-to-Head Sector Assault" is, it is a single player contest to occupy five systems in a sector. Use simple rules to play both sides (or play against another player) and the rules below.


Here are the rules as of Feb 15th (0211.15) that I'm playing by:



The goal is to conquer and hold all 5 systems.


In order to do this, you must conquer, then sufficiently defend the systems while denying your enemy access to those same systems. Reduce the enemy fleet sufficiently to prevent them from building a shipyard, and stop/destroy enough enemy convoys to deny random attack fleets sufficient to threaten your shipyards. You must also attain a minimum of 7 points (see 'Victory Conditions' below)


System Conquest:

Regardless of whether a system has been occupied by enemy forces, you will face a random-sized enemy fleet upon first arrival in a new system. Roll 1d6 for size of enemy fleet (1-2=1, 3-4=2, 5-6=3), then subtract any applicable random fleet disadvantage (see below). Then use appropriate casual combat template. All surviving ships retain damage but can move and fight until destroyed. (6/20 damage to CA's count as shield damage that will automatically regenerate by the next turn. 24/80 for shipyards) They can only be repaired by remaining in place for two turns (subject to random enemy attack each turn: (1d6: 4-6)) or by docking at shipyard for one turn. The system remains yours once you've defeated the initial fleet, but if left undefended, any attempt to conquer it will only be countered by a randomly generated fleet. You can (and should) choose to leave any combination of ships and/or a shipyard to defend it.


Random enemy ships (including Klingon wolf packs) will fight to the death. All other ships may withdraw at player's discretion.


Open Space:

Enemy convoys will only be encountered in open spaces. Roll for encounter (1d6: 1-3). Then roll 1d6 for enemy escorts. 1-3= 1 CA escort. 4-6= 2 CA escorts. The random fleet disadvantage does not affect this. Random enemy convoy(s) must be stopped=at least 3/5 freighters destroyed, escorts destroyed in 5 volleys or less. Every convoy that is stopped decreases random enemy fleet size by one. This is the random fleet disadvantage. You will not encounter convoys in open spaces when you have conquered both adjacent systems



Shipyards are recommended. They can only be built in systems that you hold (by destroying an initial assault fleet). Unless otherwise noted, three starships must remain in system for three turns to build shipyard. During each turn 50% chance of random attack. (1d6: 4-6) LOS (line of sight) must be maintained to use or attack shipyard. Unless otherwise noted, shipyard can construct replacement ships in 3 turns.There is no limit to the number of ships you can group in a fleet, and no limit to the number of fleets you can field. It is recommended that you build at least one shipyard and at least three reserve ships just in case of unforseen losses.


Race Specific Rules:

- Federation ships require only two turns to build shipyards, and shipyards require only two turns to build ships

- Klingons have 50% chance of summoning reinforcements wolf packs of 3 KCA's (1D6 1-3)


Shipyards roll 2d6 during casual combat.


If you want to register as a player, notify me through a comment on the blogsite. I recommend keeping a record of your games played, as they add up to experience points that enrich your gaming experience.


Victory Conditions/Points-


Fleet size=

Random Attack Fleet capacity=


You must conquer 5 systems and attain 7+ VC points

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