Friday, February 27, 2009

Ab'Qaff Battle Group (KristaK Fleet)

This is the makeup of the Ab'Qaff Battle Group, which is part of KristaK Fleet. (OOC: My brother Krom is encouraged to come up with a similar make up for his Battle Group, should he want one)

KristaK Fleet
--Ab'Qaff Battle Group
•  Ab'Qaff class Command Carrier
•  Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Perseus
•  Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Stovokor
•  Heavy cruiser KCA IKS DuranQo
•  Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Temujin

•  Light cruiser KCL IKS Hammer
•  Light cruiser KCL IKS Capikus

•  Destroyer KDD IKS G'Koon
•  Destroyer KDD IKS Qeng

•  Construction ship KCS IKS Maj'tarG
•  Construction ship KCS Ketha

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