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Summary of Events Stardate 0209.28

Summary of Events
Stardate 0209.28

TNG Era:

The Talaxian pilot employed by Ambassador Endara Khan returned to Oblissa Three, reporting that the First Maje of the Kazon-Oglamar had agreed to meet for preliminary cooperation talks. He was told to report that an Oglamar warship was within three days travel time. Captain Farrell noted security concerns, but added that she would do her best to balance security and diplomatic concerns.

Captain Murphy reports that the USS Guadalcanal successfully disabled and boarded the the RIS Decius in orbit of Oshionian Six. His boarding party took casualties, but managed to subdue resistance and download the Romulan computer core. The Decius was severely damaged in the battle, and Captain Murphy is considering what to do with the stricken ship.

USS Archer and USS Arizona report the passage of two Klingon battle groups through the Archanis Sector. At least one of the battle groups contained elements of KristaK Fleet under command of senior General Kapact. That group was led by a previously unseen Klingon warship, believed to be a carrier.

Galaxy Class USS Sternbach has been ordered to investigate the disappearance of the USS Yorktown in the Coramonde system.

TOS Era:

Captain Lonidas has been ordered to hold at Archer Four while a solution is sought to the Klingon threat in the area. Investigation of MZ-5 outpost is hereby suspended.

Long range Starfleet monitor stations detected the transponder signal of the USS Coramonde in the unexplored Barzan system. The USS Magellan has been dispatched to investigate.

ENT Era:

Challenger NX-07 passed out of range of Earth Outpost Xanadu on its mission to circumnavigate Romulan space. It reports no contact with enemy or unknown ships.

There has been no further word from or reports of the EX-01 Roddenberry, missing for almost a week now while on a charting mission towards the center of the galaxy.

Command College

"What Are Your Orders, Captain?"

(Ent Era) "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" Resolution

Captain Carpenter's gambit paid off initially. After Challenger warped out of the system, the Klingons took advantage of the disabled Kzinti and concentrated their attack on the exposed fire-control component. Robbed of the ability to fight back, the Kzinti was attempting to limp away when the two Birds of Prey launched a barrage of photonic torpedoes, destroying the larger ship. But his assessment of the risk posed by the Klingons was correct. As soon as the combat was concluded, the Klingons detected Challenger's warp trail and took off in pursuit.

They caught up with Challenger in unexplored space, and immediately opened fire. Carpenter's attempts to hail the Klingons went unanswered, and he was forced to retreat to a dense asteroid field. That gave the Starfleet crew a bit of breathing room, but it added another dimension to their challenge. As it turned out, the asteroid field concealed a Kzinti mining operation and weapons facilty. Carpenter has to make a quick, simple choice. He must either:

A: Move deeper into the field, possibly provoking the Kzinti, but probably escaping from the Klingons, or:

B: He can turn and attack the Klingons, using the element of surprise and the hazardous terrain of the asteroid field to overcome or elude his pursuers.

Choose A or B, or a third course of action, and write a brief explanation

Third course of action: Captain Carpenter moved deeper into the asteroid field specifically to lure the Klingons in where they might end up tangling with any defenses offered by the Kzinti. Then he moved out into other areas of the field, hoping to be able to outflank, and hopefully elude the Klingons.

The plan worked. The two birds of prey pushed further into the asteroid field, finally encountering Kzinti defense fighters who chased them out of the field.

Members who chose this solution:

(Ent Era) "Out Of The Frying Pan..."

As the starship emerged from the asteroid field, a Kzinti heavy cruiser hailed them and ordered them to surrender. Apparently the heavy battlecruiser that Challenger had fired on earlier managed to transmit sensor data before it was destroyed. The Kzinti recognized Challenger and wanted revenge. While Carpenter regretted aiding in the destruction of their ship, he wasn't prepared to surrender to a proven hostile force. He ordered Challenger into an evasive course that led to the distant outer cometary cloud at the edge of the system. Kzinti forces followed, firing missile after missile as the ship dodged frantically. Finally passing through a shower of ice shards, the NX-class ship found itself in open space and jumped into warp. But their problems didn't end there. Before Challenger escaped into warp, the pursuing ship beamed a hit and run squad aboard. MACO troops on Challenger defeated the invaders, killing five of the six enemies. Captain Carpenter thinks that by returning the bodies of the dead as well as the survivor, it might be possible to reconcile with the Kzinti before things escalate. Should he:

A) Return the Kzinti prisoner and casualties and hope to quickly reconcile, or:

b) Take all six Kzinti to Starfleet and hope the diplomats can reach an agreement. Keep in mind that while the diplomats might be better skilled at making peace, a quick gesture by Captain Carpenter could impress the Kzinti.

Choose A or B, or a third course of action, and write a brief summary.

(Moderator's Note: There are no predetermined right or  wrong answers. The most popular solution will give the players who chose it a "Command College Point". Ten of those equal an experience point.)

Captain's Log

(From last week)

"...last ship to bear the name..."

Class N Reducing
Age: 3-10 billion years
Diameter: 10,000-15,000 km
Location: Ecosphere
Surface: High surface temperarure due to greenhouse effect; water exists only as vapor
Atmosphere: Extremely dense, carbon dioxide and sulfides
Life forms: Unknown
Example: Venus

12) An inhabitant of the planet tries to take over your ship.

(TNG Era)

USS Potemkin
First Officer's Log

The inhabitants of Rotan Two left almost no evidence of a society that some claim lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. All that is known of the planet is that a cataclysm ripped away a large part of the atmosphere, rendering it uninhabitable almost overnight around the same time that the last ship to bear the name Potemkin visited the planet almost a century ago. The Constitution Class USS Potemkin was on a mapping mission in this system when it vanished without a trace. There are no records of a landing party beaming down back then, and while surface conditions won't allow us to beam down now, holopresence probes do allow us to study the planet in far greater detail than we would get even by walking the surface. Several ambulatory probes were beamed to the surface, with their telemetry transferred from the sensor suite to the holodeck, allowing a team to virtually walk the surface of the planet in a comfortable shirt-sleeve environment.

We found what we expected to find. No sign of life. No wreckage of a starship. But unknown to us at the time, something found us. In the swirling dust and vapor that is Rotan Two on a summer day, something was alive, and it recognized something of what it saw of the Captain's holopresence probe, and entered through an atmosphere analysis filter. Detailed examination later revealed something astonishing.

The Constitution Class Potemkin was in fact lost over Rotan Two. A loss of warp containment forced the ship's Captain, Pete Caruso to separate the saucer section and try to escape on impulse. Tragically, both halves of the ship were caught in the planet's gravitational pull, and it was pulled down. At that point, the non-corporeal inhabitants somehow absorbed the life energy and individual personalities of the Potemkin crew, saving their minds if not their bodies. Minutes later, the antimatter explosion set fire to the atmosphere and decimated the population. After a hundred years, less than a hundred of the Rotan were left, as well as Captain Caruso. He entered our Captain's holopresence probe and somehow traveled up through the telemetry transmission, and into the mind of the Captain. After a brief struggle to take command of our ship, which we learned was more confusion and desperation than anything else, we established communication with Captain Caruso and learned his story. Then, at his request, we transported him back to the surface and left them all in peace.

For Next Week:

(Expand the following into a log entry of at least 100 words. Members post answers to the yahoogroup or the 'comment' feature on the blogsite. Lurkers feel free to leave comments on the blogsite)

"...scattered across space..."

Developer's Diary:

It's been a fairly busy week for Fantasy Trek development. As reported, I completed the Guadalcanal's orbital combat/boarding party action. Mission successful, and a slight refresher course in the boarding party action. Now Captain Murphy has to deal with a large ship filled with angry Romulans. Storyline prompts gameplay which prompts storyline. That's the idea behind Fantasy Trek. I've added a ship I made myself. just drew it, scanned it, and added color. Not as fancy as Lightwave maybe, but it's all mine. That is the Command Carrier IKS Ab'Qaff, the flagship of the KristaK Fleet and the Ab'Qaff Combat Group. Here's the make-up of that Battle Group:

KristaK Fleet
--Ab'Qaff Battle Group
•  Ab'Qaff class Command Carrier KCVC IKS Ab'Qaff
•  Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Perseus
•  Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Stovokor
•  Heavy cruiser KCA IKS DuranQo
•  Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Temujin

•  Light cruiser KCL IKS Hammer
•  Light cruiser KCL IKS Capikus

•  Destroyer KDD IKS G'Koon
•  Destroyer KDD IKS Qeng

•  Construction ship KCS IKS Maj'tarG
•  Construction ship KCS IKS Ketha

There will be Captains for each ship. Before the Ab'Qaff joined up with the gang, it was jumped by two Rom Heavy Cruisers. Note that I could have started with twenty points available against the Roms thanks to my 'Experienced' rating, but I decided not to. I'll repeat the combat logs here:

Heavy Cruiser X12
Carrier X22

IKS Ab'Qaff rolls:6 (132) 9o/57d 9o/57d
RIS Praetor rolls:2 (24) 12o/12d
RIS Senator rolls:6 (72) 57o/15d

IKS Ab'Qaff: no damage
RIS Praetor: no damage
RIS Senator: no damage

IKS Ab'Qaff rolls:5 (110) 25o/30d 25o/30d
RIS Praetor rolls:4 (48) 30o/18d
RIS Senator rolls:3 (36) 24o/12d

IKS Ab'Qaff: no damage
RIS Praetor: 7/15 damage
RIS Senator: 13/15 damage

IKS Ab'Qaff rolls: 1(22) 0o/11d 0o/11d
RIS Praetor rolls: 4(48) 24o/24d
RIS Senator rolls: 2(24) 0o/24d

IKS Ab'Qaff: 13/15 damage
RIS Praetor: 7/15 damage
RIS Senator: 13/15 damage

IKS Ab'Qaff rolls: 6(132) 5o/61d 5o/61d
RIS Praetor rolls: 2(24) 0o/24d
RIS Senator rolls: 6(72) 40o/32d

IKS Ab'Qaff: 13/15 damage
RIS Praetor: 7/15 damage
RIS Senator: 13/15 damage

IKS Ab'Qaff rolls: 5(110) 30o/25d 30o/25d
RIS Praetor rolls: 1(12) 0o/12d
RIS Senator rolls: 2(24) 0o/24d

IKS Ab'Qaff: 13/15 damage
RIS Praetor: destroyed
RIS Senator: destroyed

This simple combat play also resulted in a better template.

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