Sunday, February 22, 2009

Re: (Ent Era) "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

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(Ent Era) "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

Captain Carpenter's gambit paid off initially. After Challenger warped out of the system, the Klingons took advantage of the disabled Kzinti and concentrated their attack on the exposed fire-control component. Robbed of the ability to fight back, the Kzinti was attempting to limp away when the two Birds of Prey launched a barrage of photonic torpedoes, destroying the larger ship. But his assessment of the risk posed by the Klingons was correct. As soon as the combat was concluded, the Klingons detected Challenger's warp trail and took off in pursuit.

They caught up with Challenger in unexplored space, and immediately opened fire. Carpenter's attempts to hail the Klingons went unanswered, and he was forced to retreat to a dense asteroid field. That gave the Starfleet crew a bit of breathing room, but it added another dimension to their challenge. As it turned out, the asteroid field concealed a Kzinti mining operation and weapons facilty. Carpenter has to make a quick, simple choice. He must either:

A: Move deeper into the field, possibly provoking the Kzinti, but probably escaping from the Klingons, or:

B: He can turn and attack the Klingons, using the element of surprise and the hazardous terrain of the asteroid field to overcome or elude his pursuers.

Choose A or B, or a third course of action, and write a brief explanation

(Moderator's Note: There are no predetermined right or  wrong answers. The most popular solution will give the players who chose it a "Command College Point". Ten of those equal an experience point.)

Kate's Solution:
Third Course of Action-
Captain Carpenter moved deeper into the asteroid field specifically to lure the Klingons in where they might end up tangling with any defenses offered by the Kzinti. Then he moved out into other areas of the field, hoping to be able to outflank, and hopefully elude the Klingons.

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