Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IKS Ab'Qaff Log Stardate 0902.24

Warship Log
IKS Ab'Qaff Command Carrier
General Kapact

The Ab'Qaff launched from Qo'noS orbit, leading the KristaK Fleet. My brother Krom has been offered command of another of this glorious Ab'Qaff class Command Carrier, along with a battle group consisting of four heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, and two destroyers. Each group has also been assigned two construction ships capable of building a mobile shipyards. Those mobile shipyards will be equipped with industrial replicators, and thus be capable of constructing their own construction ships. From there on, larger bases capable of establishing Imperial power will be built.

My brother does not yet know every detail of my orders, simply because they are not to be transmitted, and I have not had a chance to meet with him face to face. But this will bring us to the missing LIng'taH and dIng'patlh, and it will of course open up new worlds for the Empire. I look forward to hearing from my brother, and seeing which ship he flies.

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