Friday, December 24, 2010

Head to Head Sector Assalt Results, Simple and Casual Gaming Update

There has been a lot of work on Fantasy Trek, despite the deafening silence. The Head to Head Sector Assault that started way back on August 20th is finally finished. The Klingons again won the battle. Here are the final results:

Victory Conditions/Points- 16

Shipyards 5 (max)= 2
Fleet size= 9
Random Attack Fleet capacity= 5 (max)

To summarize, the Feds started out at System One, which was home to a Black Hole Accretion Disc. Their one and only shipyard was in System Two. Klingons started out at System Five, eventually building two shipyards. What did the most damage to the Fed side was a large random Klingon fleet that devastated Fed ship building efforts, as well as the loss of three Fed convoys, which limited their random fleet availability. The real deciding factor was the loss of Fed ship building efforts. And that was a matter of random chance.

Now I’m working on two projects. First off, I’m going to do more work on the casual gaming system, so that players preferring that can play more interesting and involved games like the Sector Assault. I am also getting ready to playtest a new campaign, sort of a re-do of the Fifty Points game that didn’t work. It is a simplified version, known simply as “Three-Way”, using a simplified version of the Fifty Points map. Here is an overview:

Each power starts with 3 fleets and three shipyards.

1) Establish 6 resource systems (RS)- requires 6 turn stay of 3 CA+ class to establish
2) Identify/occupy/defend 26 systems worthy of colonization (K,L,M+ type) (50/50 chance) to dominate map (at least half need to be in enemy territory
3) Establish/maintain LOS between RS and colonies in enemy territory
4) Designate/defend home system

I’ll post (hopefully) regular updates.

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