Friday, December 31, 2010

Update: "Three Way" Starts, January Calendar Image Complete

"Three-Way" Campaign has been kicked off, by placing the following fleets at strategic locations on the map:

Federation Fleet One Tiberius Fleet (FTF)
Federation Fleet Two Constitution II Fleet (FCF)
Federation Fleet Three Intrepid Fleet (FIF)
Klingon Fleet One Etlh Fleet (KEF)
Klingon Fleet Two Klingon Black Fleet (KBF)
Klingon Fleet Three Kolikos Fleet (KLKF)
Romulan Fleet One D'Shoanna Fleet (RDSF)
Romulan Fleet Two Nightwing Fleet (RNF)
Romulan Fleet Three Donatra Fleet (RDF)

Objectives have also been amended to include recommendation of building shipyards. In the near future I will upload the turn sheet and map (both are Excel sheets) to Google Docs and post a link.

The January image for the 2011 Fantasy Trek has been completed. It'll be scanned soon and uploaded. It features a TNG-Era update of the TMP era Klingon Light Cruiser.

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