Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Walkthrough:"Assignment: Nelvada: Moderator"

(This is the initial introduction to the mission. It gives you enough information to get started. The player would respond by acknowledging the order, and upon arrival, making a diplomatic pitch the Nelvadan people. Base that upon the brief on the system and the situation. The pitch will most likely be short. Just an introduction, and offering to reach a mutually beneficial accomodation)

To: Kapact

The Nelvada are considering allying themselves with the Federation but there are complications. An alliance with another, unidentified power would make an alliance with the Federation impossible. Find out if an accomodation can be reached.

Here is a brief on the system:

Nelvada System
-Not a Federation member, but aware of other races and FTL travel. Not a prime directive issue
-equivalent tech/social level

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