Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Planetary Adventure #2 Kri'staK Sector wa'Hom System

20) Class Q Variable
Age: 2-10 billion years
Diameter: 4,000-15,000 km
Location: Hot Zone/Ecosphere/Cold Zone
Surface: Ranges from molten to water and/or carbon dioxide ice, due to eccentric orbit or variable output of star
Atmosphere: Ranges from tenuous to very dense
Example: Genesis Planet

11) You meet a society that causes you to question whether or not to interfere with their development.

Stardate 0409.06 IKS Ab'Qaff wa'Hom system Planet Six

Just beyond the asteroid belt in this system, we discovered that the sixth planet in this system is dangerously unstable. While there is nothing in this system or the immediate vicinity that easily points to an explanation for this instability, my science officer theorizes that a rogue planet or other large body making regular passes through the system could account for gravitational anomalies sufficient to cause this. He even suggests that the asteroid field could have been a planet that suffered from a collision from such a body, and the resulting cataclysm could have destabilized the sixth planet. While scanning the sixth planet, we determined that it contains a tenuous atmosphere not suitable to us, so I am not going to establish an outpost. There is a microscopic species indigenous to the planet, but changes occurring on the planet will most likely destroy this life before it can evolve. I have decided to leave an outpost in orbit of the planet to monitor the system and the microscopic life on this planet.

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