Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stardate 0409.21 IKS Ab'Qaff wa'Hom system Kri'staK Sector

I have received word that the mobile shipyard Lursor has completed its job of repairing, refiting and recrewing the captured Romulan warbird that I have christened the IKS Krayak. The Lursor will convert the two empty troop ships that supplied crews into a single refining station at the edge of wa'Hom's resource rich asteroid belt, and two auxiliary craft from the Lursor will serve as mining/freighter craft for the operation. I have advised the high council and recommended a regular convoy operation be initiated to bring wa'Hom's resources to the Empire. 

Our investigation of the debris field at the edge of the system has revealed a bit of a curiosity. While we expected and encountered planetary debris and cometary fragments, indicating cataclysmic events already in evidence in the system, we also found starship hull material that appears to be Vulcan in origin. What makes that interesting is the fact that quantum dating indicates that the hull material is more than two thousand years old. It is generally accepted that Vulcans were traveling the stars that far back, as the Romulans originated from that world. But I have never heard of any of those ships being found, especially in this unexplored corner of the alpha quadrant. No doubt their scientists will be eager to study the debris. After we're finished with it.

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