Friday, April 10, 2009

Simple Combat Tourney Winner

I decided to finish the Simple Combat Tourney with a simple combat round rather than a heavy combat. Since I was the only one taking part, and as far as I know, no bets were made, I opted for a quick finish. Just a personal choice, and it goes along with my gaming philosophy (if it isn't fun, you're wasting your time). I just didn't feel like working through the heavy combat. In any case, the USS Guadalcanal was on its last knees (12/15 damage) compared to the RIS Romulus (10/15 damage), but it got the right roll at the right time. So the USS Guadalcanal wins the simple combat tourney. The RIS Romulus came in second, and the IKS Temujin came in third. Coming here soon will be an extended campaign, not unlike the multilevel campaign so long ago. No respawning here, although there will be repair facilities. And wrecked ships will be able to be towed or serviced by mobile shipyards.

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