Sunday, April 12, 2009

Something To Think About While Waiting For The Summary of Events

I was pushing through the summary of events when I got distracted by updating an STD. What I'm doing is positioning systems on the ship (for example, photons fwd and aft, port and starboard nacelles), adding transporters, and setting guidelines for hull type capabilities. That will set the stage, finally, for customizable ships. Essentially, you can create torpedo boats, troop transports, pirate vessels, etc. One early decision I reached was that if you want to swap out a phaser emitter for a photon launcher, you can. There are pro's and con's to be considered there. I'm also updating the damage allocation chart, so that an attack to port, for example, will target systems on the port side. Localized damage in other words. For you heavy combat addicts. Of course, since there are systems that are specifically dorsal and ventral (top and bottom), and that means that heavy combat will get 3-D. Probably I'll have to add another text map for relative elevation. And since I'm reading the third "Halo" book, I'm thinking about dropships in orbital combat. Maybe.

In the storyline, we're close to getting our first clue in the biomechanical circuitry mystery. The answer will point to a conspiracy that stretches back for two thousand years.

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