Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Simple Combat Tourney Round Three Results

The third round of the simple combat tourney was short but sweet. The winners were the IKS Temujin, the USS Guadalcanal, and the RIS Romulus. The only problem is that none of the winners sustained any damage. What I'm going to do is pair them off against generic twins, and the ship that comes out of that with the most damage will sit out round four while the other two fight it out. If the same thing happens in this generic twin fight, I'll have a sudden-death play. One on one on one. Whoever loses that will sit out round and come into the heavy combat final with no shields, playing the winner of round four who will retain the damage dealt in round four. Five points of damage in simple combat takes off shields in heavy combat. Anything beyond that comes off of armor, hull, and internals proportionally.

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