Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Admin Updates

While I work through a slightly advanced version of the simple sector conquest, I am also working on a trading card/collectible card game for Fantasy Trek. Anyone reading this is encouraged to submit any ideas or things they'd like to see in a TC/CCG. I am also rethinking the summary of events. Rather than not manage several storylines that do not have any active players or input from any players but me, I am only going to update things that any actual players are doing. As any readers (and I know you're out there) decide to take part, I'll incorporate their play/storytelling. This will lighten the workload for me and enable me to refocus on the command college. Look for some award structures to be announced. I have the 'etlh komerex that I'm pretty happy with, and since I am approaching the 200 simple combat engagements mark, I am thinking that there needs to be that structure. Probably the 'etlh komerex will be awarded for Klingon registered players at the 200 simple combat engagements point. I'll come up with one for the 100 point, and probably up through 500. Then we start adding notations, along the lines of "oak leaf clusters" that are attached to medals in the military. Of course, there will be similar awards for Federation and Romulan players.
I am also getting ready to start to put pencil to paper for the graphic of the Klingon 'etlh class heavy cruiser. I do have a sketch of a Federation Constitution Phase Two Class. Again, any readers who are artistically inclined, please feel free to draw, scan, and submit.
Finally, I am looking for opinions about incorporating events from Star Trek Online, which is being phased into semi-canon, thanks to its tie-in with the latest movie, and a planned book.
Even if you are just reading and not interested in actively playing, I really welcome any feedback.

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