Sunday, December 6, 2009

DusaQ VeS: Mission 6: "Invasion"

Mission Summary:

As the Sha'kurian device is being studied, it explodes, destroying the
captured freighter and the FF N'taka. Rift opens through debris, revealing
two Sha'kurian heavy carriers. Scans reveal five more launching from a
shipyard on the other side of the rift. Destroy carriers quickly (3 volleys)
before they can pass through the rift. Then destroy shipyard in five volleys
before carriers can launch. If you fail, a carrier will launch every two
volleys. Then pass through the rift to discover what lies beyond.

Survive Combat
Assist the fleet
100+ word log

"It is said that no battle plan survives the first moments of a battle.
Sometimes, despite our efforts to gather intelligence and plan accordingly,
we are faced with a relentless, implacable enemy that lunges for our throats
even as we reach for our weapons. At that point survival depends on our
ability to strike quicker than our enemy. There is no time for planning or
careful placement of assets. Each warrior may be either the forward lunge
that strikes a mortal blow, or the weak point in our armor that relegates us
to passengers on the barge of the dead. Honored dead, but still dead. You
must be the teeth at the enemy's throat. Strike with speed and ferocity.
Especially in the case of invasion, you must attack with every resource,
stopping the enemy before they can establish a beach head. Every second that
is lost is territory and momentum lost. Strike as if your very culture
depends on it, because it does. Strike hard. Strike mercilessly. And if your
enemy finally falls back in retreat, do not allow him the luxury of
regrouping or succor. Follow him to his home, and burn it to the ground so
that it can never again give rise to invaders."

Stardate 1209.06 Command candidate Sompek, IKS tIHoy. Tal'Ihnor Gates system
As we were examining the device that the Sha'kurians were building, it
exploded. The N'taka and the captured construction ship were immediately
destroyed. There was not even any debris thrown off. In the aftermath of the
explosion, a rift opened up. While I assume that the device was meant to
open this rift, and it simply went off prematurely, there was no time for
scientific analysis. Two Sha'kurian heavy carriers started to emerge from
the rift almost immediately, Quick scans revealed five more carriers
preparing to launch from a shipyard just beyond the rift. We must destroy
these carriers and the shipyard before the five carriers can launch, or we
will certainly be lost. Once we've destroyed the shipyard, I am confident
that General Kapact will order an offensive through the rift.

We fell upon the two unprepared carriers, overwhelming them before they
could mount any serious defense.

KCVC IKS Ab'Qaff rolls:150 150(LongSword)o/d
KCA IKS Stovokor rolls:10 o/d
KCA IKS DuranQo rolls:30 o/d
KCA IKS Temujin rolls:50 50(Noble Blood)o/d
KCL IKS Hammer rolls:32 32(Noble Blood)o/d
KCL IKS Capikus rolls:48 48(Noble Blood)o/d
KFF IKS tIHoy rolls: 4 4(Noble Blood)o/d
SCVC SRS Long Sword rolls:50 o/87d
SCVC SRS Royal Blood rolls:125 o/88d
KCVC IKS Ab'Qaff: damage 0/25
KCA IKS Stovokor: damage 0/25
KCA IKS DuranQo: damage 0/25
KCA IKS Temujin: damage 0/25
KCL IKS Hammer: damage 0/25
KCL IKS Capikus: damage 0/25
KFF IKS tIHoy: damage 0/25
SCVC SRS Long Sword: destroyed
SCVC SRS Royal Blood: destroyed

We then pushed through the rift, uncertain of where we were going, or if we
could return. But I felt a surge of excitement. Command, with all its
uncertainties, was starting to acquire a reality. A fine balance, like the
weight of a good bat'leth.

Then we faced the shipyard. It was an ungainly thing, with five elongated
pods around a central angular mass that bristled with weapons emplace. The
pods each held a heavy carrier, with work crews and construction craft
obviously working feverishly to complete the mammoth ships so that they
could be launched against us. As we made a coordinated approach, my tactical
officer detected weapons locks from several of the shipyard's emplacements.
Weapons locks on the tIHoy.

KCVC IKS Ab'Qaff rolls:100 100(SSY1)o/d
KCA IKS Stovokor rolls:40 o/40(tIHoy)d
KCA IKS DuranQo rolls:50 o/d
KCA IKS Temujin rolls:30 o/30(tIHoy)d
KCL IKS Hammer rolls:48 o/d
KCL IKS Capikus rolls:40 o/d
KFF IKS tIHoy rolls:24 o/24d
SSY1 rolls:75 75(tIHoy)o/d
KCVC IKS Ab'Qaff: damage 0/25
KCA IKS Stovokor: damage 0/25
KCA IKS DuranQo: damage 0/25
KCA IKS Temujin: damage 0/25
KCL IKS Hammer: damage 0/25
KCL IKS Capikus: damage 0/25
KFF IKS tIHoy: damage 0/25
SSY1: destroyed

Fortunately, General Kapact detected the weapons lock and ordered me to take
evasive action. This was not, he explained afterwards, cowardice or a
selfish attempt to protect me. It was, rather, a tactical move to protect an
important part of the fleet. In any case, the tiIHoy survived the encounter,
and the enemy shipyard did not. Now we push on into the great unknown. And

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