Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stardate 1209.30 IKS Ab'Qaff ChaHom System-Awaiting arrival of Vulcan courier.

Finally there is word of the Vulcan courier. Captain Chorgut, commanding the
heavy cruiser Temujin was dispatched to wait for the courier along his or
her projected course. It waited, cloaked, in the sensor shadow of a pulsar,
in order to monitor and escort the courier's ship. After two days, he
detected an advanced Federation starship, a Blalock Class Fast Penetration
Cruiser. It was not the quiet, subtle unobtrusive ship that I would expect
of a Vulcan courier. The Fast Penetration Cruiser is a small ship, designed
to punch its way into hard targets that larger capital ships cannot. One can
always depend upon the Vulcans to manufacture a logical reason for every
seemingly irrational act they commit. No doubt this will be one of those
times. In any case, the Temujin and the Blalock Class are due in the ChaHom
system in two days.

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