Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Good Lesson Learned in Multilevel Play

Four Fed heavy cruisers attacked a Klingon shipyard. If a Klingon heavy cruiser hadn't shown up to defend the shipyard, it would have been lost. As it was, the IKS Krueg(2) sacrificed itself by taking on the USS Entebbe and the shipyard destroyed the USS Guadalcanal, USS Genghis Khan, and the USS Endeavour. They'll respawn with a (2) after their names, and have another go. The lesson here is two-fold. Sacrifice can save the day, and never take on a shipyard (multiplier of X28 under simplified rules) with less than four heavy cruisers  (multiplier of X12 under simplified rules). This demonstrates the importance of tactics even when rolling dice, as well as the benefits of playing on the holodeck when your favorite ship gets blown up taking on a shipyard.

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