Friday, August 22, 2008

Results of Fleet battle in multilevel play

I expected the extra ship in the Federation fleet to give them the edge over the Klingons, but in fact, that was all that saved them from a complete rout. The USS Gordon2 and the USS Chang (the captured Klingon heavy cruiser) easily destroyed the IKS Krueg3, but in every other battle, the Klingons won, and easily. The IKS Chang2 destroyed the USS Entebbe. The IKS Drunken Warrior2 destroyed the USS Endeavour2. The IKS tIQghoB destroyed the USS Guadalcanal. The IKS Kor destroyed the USS Genghis Khan. Remember, this took place with the simple combat rules and table, and with me playing both sides. So if any lurkers are reading, maybe waiting for a playable game, here is proof that a simple but playable game is here.

Tomorrow, the remaing Klingon Fleet (IKS Kor, IKS tIQghoB, IKS Drunken Warrior2, and IKS Chang2) will engage Federation survivors USS Gordon2 and USS Chang. Assuming that they win, they'll start going after Federation shipyards next, (even as construction begins on replacements for both sides) followed by occupying the Federation planet in the sector.

On the subject of shipyards: if one shipyard is destroyed, another can compensate by building two ships... but... it can still only build one at a time, and it still takes five turns to build a new ship.

Incidentally, I'm of course keeping all of the logs (dice rolls, etc) from these, which I will post at the conclusion of the campaign.

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