Thursday, August 21, 2008

Multilevel Update

Last night I started lining up the two fleets. The Federation fleet, rebuilt and augmented by a single captured Klingon heavy cruiser has pulled the rebuilt Klingon fleet to their side of the board. So we have the following ships facing off. USS Endeavour2, USS Gordon2, USS Genghis Khan2, USS Guadalcanal2, USS Entebbe, and USS (to reflect its capture) Chang, versus IKS Drunken Warrior2, IKS Krueg3, IKS Chang2, IKS Kor, and IKS tIQghoB.

The hope for each side is that enough ships survive to start taking out enemy shipyards. That will start to deny one side the ability rebuild their ships, and that is the key to winning the overall campaign. Of  course, once they've destroyed the enemy ships and shipyards, they'll have to occupy the enemy planet (located behind the shipyards), which has a garrison of fifty defenders.

All of this should in fact be a simple test of every form of combat operations I intended for Fantasy Trek. After that, with any luck, it will be a matter of creating scenarios and rules and guidelines to tie all of these aspects in with the ongoing storyline. Then I'll add more races' ships (Romulans, etc) and more ship classes.

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