Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Multilevel Play

I'm currently testing what I call multilevel play. That is a combination of fleet action, a simplified ship-to-ship combat chart, and boarding party action doing not only hit and run raids (targeting specific systems) but capture attempts. As I do that, I will also modify ship data to reflect transporters and boarding party capacity. What I'm doing on the map that is a little different is adding respawning at starbases. It can be assumed that if you lose or are captured in combat, your crew is rescued at the last second, and you receive a new ship that can be rechristened with the name of your old ship. Any ships captured in combat can obviously be used in combat by the captor. In simulated combat (which this current playtest is classified as), any captured ships (as well as any destroyed ships) revert to their previous state as soon as the holodeck is switched off. The idea of respawning can be used outside of simulations in a modified fashion if you choose. In that case, it will be assumed that your ship wasn't in fact destroyed, but left adrift and towed back to a friendly base. If your ship is captured (under the modified rule), it is assumed that your crew was eventually released to friendly authorities and you received a new ship, rechristened with the name of your choice. Once I've completed the combat phase of this multilevel exercise, I'll weave a playable story around it and post it all for your kind review. That will pretty much be a full test of the Fantasy Trek concept. Solid storytelling, fleet action, ship to ship, and personal combat.

And of course, going forward, I'm starting to think about simplified Ship System Displays (text-based, without the need for an excel viewer), and Rolmulan and pirate vessels. Then I'll start to work on different classes of ships. And that should put all of the basic systems in place. This probably all sounds frighteningly complicated, but really, all you have to do is choose what you want to do and roll the dice. I'm doing the hard part. :)

One a personal note. It is entirely possible that there is a very distinguished visitor, someone I have now met at two Trek conventions, and whom I am happy to call a friend (and I am a huge fan of hers.) You know who you are, I won't name any names. You can if you want. Anyway, welcome aboard. I would love to know what you think of this game so far.



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