Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Multilevel Update: Klingon Fleet versus Federation Shipyard

The Klingon Fleet, consisting of the IKS Drunken Warrior, IKS Krueg4, IKS Chang3, IKS tIQghoB assembled and made the initial push into Federation territory. While this was going on, four Federation ships (USS Entebbe2, USS Guadalcanal3, USS Genghis Khan4, USS Endeavour4) separated in order to individually protect as many shipyards as possible, (remembering the lesson learned earlier when a single starship ended up saving a Klingon shipyard. The IKS Kor2 was sent to intercept the USS Chang3. It was not successful. The Klingon fleet moved around the Federation lines and took on Shipyard #5(N,20/21). The Chang3 was lost in the assault, but the shipyard was destroyed.

If the newly minted IKS Kor3 can somehow make it through five Federation ships, it will link up with the fleet and try to take out another shipyard. Otherwise it will still be a very long, tough war of attrition, even though the Klingons have the upper hand. And quite honestly, it's hard to see how the Federation can regain the intiative. By failing in the attempt early on to destroy Klingon Starbase wej with three ships, they not only lost those ships (and an early advantage of momentum), but they also gave the Klingons a free lesson in how many ships it takes to destroy a shipyard.

I've decided to include the combat tables from this so you can see the particulars of the battles I've described. The attacking ship rolls and allocates points first. Of course, I'm using the simplified combat rules here. The little 'o' means offense, the little 'd' means defense, and the roll number comes from the total of two six-sided dice times the particular multiplier for the particular class of ship. So if a Heavy Cruiser rolls a six, their 'roll' number is 72. Easy as fishin'. To destroy your opponent, your 'o' number has to equal your opponent's 'd' number plus 15. (To take down shields, you have to have their 'd' number plus 5).

Here's the first battle:

IKS Kor2 attacks USS Chang3 at coordinates F,18

IKS Kor2 rolls: 96 allocation: 50o,46d
USS Chang3 rolls: 84 allocation: 34o,50d

result tie
IKS Kor2 damage:
USS Chang3 damage:

IKS Kor2 rolls: 84 allocation: 50o,34d
USS Chang3 rolls: 96 allocation: 49o, 47d

IKS Kor2 damage: destroyed
USS Chang3 damage: 3/15

Here's the second battle:

IKS Drunken Warrior, IKS Krueg4, IKS Chang3, IKS tIQghoB attack Federation Shipyard Five (N,20/21)

IKS Drunken Warrior rolls: 108 Allocation: 90o, 18d
IKS Krueg4 rolls: 60 Allocation: 50o, 10d
IKS Chang3 rolls: 36 Allocation: 36o, 0d
IKS tIQghoB rolls: 108 Allocation:60o, 48d
UFP Shipyard Five rolls: 308 Allocation: 22,22,22,22o/55,55,55,55d

IKS Drunken Warrior damage: 4/15
IKS Krueg4 damage: 12/15
IKS Chang3 damage: destroyed
IKS tIQghoB damage: undamaged
UFP Shipyard damage: destroyed

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