Thursday, October 16, 2008

Captain's Log USS Guadalcanal Stardate 1008.17

Captain's Log
USS Guadalcanal
Stardate 1008.17

We were preparing to send a landing party down to investigate Oshionian 6, and the reasons for Romulan activity there when we received a stray transmission from the USS Exeter. It was not specifically a distress signal, but it did come from the direction of the Ocampa system, where the Exeter was supposed to be operating. And the transmission was specifically directed to us. It wasn't a voice transmission, but was encoded with our transponder registration. Unlike our registry, NCC-1945-C, the transponder registry is classified and available only available to command level personnel.

We know very little about the status of the Exeter and its mission. We understand that Federation Ambassador Endara Khan is making a diplomatic overture to the Kazon Ogla sect, and that she has reported some minimal success, or at least a reason for optimism. But the detailed logs transmitted by Captain Kathryn Janeway show that the Kazon can be very dangerous and extremely inventive. She reported that her many attempts to reach an understand with the Kazon were unsuccessful. I have to admit that I see little reason to expect that to change. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm preparing my crew for potential combat with the Kazon. At warp eight, it'll still take us almost three days to reach Ocampa, and I'm not inclined to push the engines any harder. If we do go into combat, I don't want a ship and crew pushed to the point of straining.

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